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Civil constructions

A significant part of company`s resources have been invested in the expansion of the civil works department and in increasing its capacity to perform concrete structural works. OCTAGON team delivered an important number of projects and has acquired the necessary experience to respond to clients’ most exacting demands.

The Civil Works Department can undertake various services.




The general contracting agreement is signed by the general contractor and the client. According to the contract, the general contractor comitts to delivering all the materials, labor force, equipment and services necessary for the project’s construction. The general contractor is also in charge with obtaining the construction authorizations and permits and managing the staff and the activity on the site, to deliver the project within the established term and budget.

A general contractor hires, in his turn, subcontractors, for the execution of works for which he does not possess the necessary experience or resources. General contracting is frequently used in construction practice.

OCTAGON has so far fully delivered two projects, through general contracting agreement:  

•    Cultural and office center Calea Rahovei- Bucharest 
•    Patrimony villa Thomas Masaryk 34



Concrete is one of the most flexible construction materials and is able to take the shape of any construction.

Compared to structures built from other materials, such as wood, concrete structures have a longer life span.

The main feature of concrete is the fact that it has a high compression power, but in order to take over the expansion effort as well, concrete is reinforced with steel. A reinforced concrete structure can stand against the toughest climate conditions and calamities such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and tornados.

OCTAGON built concrete structures, within the projects:

•    Office building Delea Noua
•    Residential complex Maresal Averescu 159
•    Blue House Olympia 
•    Combined Cycle Power Plant 867 MW OMV- Petrom 



Historical and patrimony villas can be restored and preserved for future generations, from various reasons. One of these reasons is the owner’s desire to inhabit a space filled with historical significations. 

The restoration process includes those works through which a building is adjusted for contemporary use, keeping at the same time its historical value. 

Restoration is a complex process, which requires increased attention to details and assumes: identification, retention, preservation and protection of materials and features, from the construction period. Through restoration, deteriorated features or materials are replaced, with the purpose of bringing a building to the best possible shape.

OCTAGON performed repartitioning, consolidation and restoration works within two residential buildings in Bucharest and for the Cultural and office center Calea Rahovei- Bucharest.